What type of shoes is appropriate for Valley of Flowers?

This is very important question as life can become hell if you are not carrying right type of shoes on your trek to Valley of Flowers. There are various options for shoes like sports shoes, leather shoes or floaters. I have seen some crazy people even trekking bare foots into the Valley of Flowers. When I asked about it the answer was that they lost their shoes near Hemkund Shahib Gurudwara. Those Sikh people even walked bare foot over glaciers. But everybody of us can not be so rough and tough. Already we will be working very hard while trekking and right type of gears are very important specially shoes.

Type of shoes that should be avoided.

  • Sports Shoes: Sports shoes should be avoided for trekking as they are not so rough and tough and they are made up of cloth. Once they get wet it is very hard to dry them in cold and humid weather of Valley of Flowers and Ghangaria region.
  • Old Shoes: Old shoes should be avoided because they may get broken on the way itself as the trek is full of rocks and lot of pressure is exerted on shoes.
    Terrain of Valley of Flowers Trek

    Terrain of Valley of Flowers Trek

    Trying to repair shoes

    One of our client Mr. Kunal Sarin trying to repair his shoes.

    Trying to repair shoes

    One of our client Mr. Kunal Sarin trying to repair his shoes.

    Broken soles of shoes

    Broken soles of shoes deep inside Valley of Flowers

    Characteristics of a good shoe for trekking to Valley of Flowers:

    • Shoes should be new but you should wear them for at least fifteen days before coming for the trek as new shoes can bite and cause blisters. Old shoes can be comfortable but may break any time on your trek. This has happened with one of my client during September 2012 visit to Valley of Flowers. You can read his travelogue here. I have seen lot of shoe soles laying on the trek explaining that old shoes can leave you anytime in the middle of the trek.
    • Shoes should have nice grip: If you are coming before 25th July you will have to walk over glaciers on your trek. For this your shoes should have a nice grip under its sole.
    • Ankle Support: Prefer the shoes which have some ankle support to protect you from tissue raptures in case you bend your ankle by mistake due to rocky trek.
    • Water Proof: It almost impossible to get full water proof shoes. But you should avoid sports shoes for the reason that they are made up of cloths and foam. Once they get wet it is very difficult to dry them. You need to cross 3-6 shallow streams on your trek inside the Valley of Flowers depending upon how deep you go. (See the pictures below) Actually no shoes can resist water and you will have to take them off before crossing the stream. I recommend to not being lazy in taking off your shoes or in 9 out of 10 times you will end up wetting up your shoes and after that you can imagine how you will trek with wet shoes. I personally believe even floaters are better choice sometime as you need not take them off but not recommended for people who feel colder. The risk with floaters is that they are not recommended to walk over glaciers and you will be prone to ankle twist.
    Crossing streams in Valley of Flowers

    You will have to cross 4-6 water streams in you trek to Valley of Flowers.


    Heavy built Woodland shoes with nice grip on its sole and with ankle support are recommended for the trek with a backup of a pair of floaters in your bag.

    Recommended type of shoes with grip

    Recommended type of shoes with grip

    Sample floaters

    Sample floaters


    You can also try QUECHUA hiking shoes. They are not so costly and can be ordered online.



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    Devkant Sangwan is an ardent lover of nature and is a passionate traveler. He belongs to Haryana (India) and is a law graduate by profession. He’s professionally well qualified and is an Associate member of the Institute of Company secretaries. Like many others, Devkant’s heart did not lie in his profession. He was born to follow his dream which is exploring the beauty of nature. He visited Valley of Flowers for the first time in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the splendor of the place. He started pursuing the place more often and adored it over and over again. He even left his job for his travel pursuits and calls the place as his second wife.

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13 comments on “What type of shoes is appropriate for Valley of Flowers?
  1. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Harkirat says:

    I am visiting hemkunt sahib on 25th may. And had a wish to visit Valley of Flowers. Is it a ideal time for going there . Bcoz at this time there is a huge mass of snow

  2. I understand the problems with sports shoes. But i feel woodland shoes are heavy for a long trip. I once went on a moderate trek in Nainital with woodlands shoes and had a tough time. Though the shoes are meant for trekking, it slows down and my legs are tired within 2 hours. do you suggest any other option?

  3. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Nitin Dangore says:


    I am doing Vally of Flowers on 13 September 2015.If I use floaters for trekking will it be ok.I have done trekking in Madhya Pradesh with floaters where there was contionueous raining but climate was not very cold.I was very comfortable with floaters there.Here I am worried as climate is cold.So will u recommend floaters for trekking.


    -Nitin Dangore

  4. good day  trekker mate , i hope you doing good. my travel dates are 4th of june 2015  into Valley of Flowers , and  that's first time i'm visiting the valley  of flowers .  i have a king gee steel cap safety shoes with a nice grip. and pretty much comfofrtable too .but question is  ….  would it sound good to take them to Hemkund sahib and Valley of Flowers ?  thanks for your time . cheers  

  5. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Padmaja Pradhan says:

    Hi. I am going to Valley of Flowers on 27 July. I went to Woodland store to buy a pair of trekking shoes. But the smallest pair was also too large for my feet.
    I was told by some trekker friends that Woodland shoes are slippery.
    Please suggest some other brand.

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      Yes they are right that Woodland shoes are slippery on flat and wet rocks. You can look for any other brand with the characteristics as told in above article.

  6. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Aditi D says:

    Is there any other alternate brand/shoe type available as woodland shoes are not commonly available especially ankle covering. Also what option do you have for women??

    Are sturdy floaters good enough?

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan Devkant Sangwan says:

      I personally like floaters and you can also opt for them. If you take care that while trekking keep your eye on the trek. They are very nice when others wearing shoes has to take off their shoes and you can simply walk through some shallow streams. But you may suffer from snow bite if you coming in early July. You will be trekking over some Glaciers as well. Instead of brand please see the features of the shoes.

    • Avatar for Devkant Sangwan sushant katiyar says:

      try quechua brand…my quechua forclaz 500 are serving me well

  7. Avatar for Devkant Sangwan pooja says:

    Hi…thanks for your posts, I am visiting VoF before 25th July, I have a pair of woodland shoes (which i also wore in Auli trip last year), but thts too heavy and I dont feel to trek with such heavy boots..any other recommendation for the same? Also , I shall be glad to know that which is the most rainy month for VoF? I am visiting VoF from 10th to 16th of July…

    Thanks a lot…

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